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Milwaukee LCLAA is an official chapter of the national Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, a constituent organization of the AFL-CIO.  Founded in 1998, Milwaukee LCLAA is affiliated with the Wis. State AFL-CIO and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council. TRANSLATION SERVICES:   Milwaukee LCLAA provides English to Spanish translation services for all types of union and workplace documents at very reasonable rates.


There are two main aims for the Milwaukee LCLAA website.

  • To provide Spanish speaking workers with a user friendly way to find labor information and resources in the Spanish language. 
  • To provide union leaders and labor activists who wish to communicate more effectively with Spanish speaking workers a variety of useful Spanish language labor documents and publications that can be easily reproduced and distributed.

In the English portion of this website many of the links to Spanish language documents contain a brief English description of their content and usage. Some documents will contain or provide links to a full English translation. Some of these resources will be specific to Milwaukee and Wisconsin. The topics dealt with are categorized in the question format below. The links below take you to the relevant Spanish language documents.  

What is a union? What do unions do?  How do unions work?  About unions
How can a union help Spanish speaking workers?  Latinos and unions
What is the attitude of unions toward immigrant workers? Immigrant Workers 
What are my rights as a worker? What about discrimination?  Workers' Rights
What are my rights if I am injured on the job? Worker Compensation
What resources are available if I lose my job and/or need to find a job? Unemployed workers
What can I do to obtain union representation where I work? Organizing a union
How can I contact the right union for my situation?  Find a Union